Liquidation of Go-Gitter Brand Fishing Lures, Downrigger Balls, Lead

Lure Molds

Over 200 fishing lure molds, $40-80 each.  Mostly Do-it and Hilts aluminum molds.  Also over 2000 river and lake fishing lures – NOS. Some downrigger molds, diving weight belt molds, too many to list … see our lure molds page for details. Downrigger balls in in stock:

Downrigger Balls

  • 2# Cannon Balls $3.50
  • 3# Cannon Balls $5.00
  • 4# Cannon Balls $6.50
  • 5# Cannon Balls $8.00
  • 8# Finned $13.00
  • 10# Finned $16.00
  • 12# Finned $19.00
  • 15# Finned $24.00
  • 20# Cannon Balls $32.00


Lead ingots in stock. The larger the ingot size the cheaper the price per pound.  4.5 lb. cupcakes to 38 lb. ingots.  All of our lead is pure with 4-5% antimony by weight.

Albin Vega Sailboat 27′

They don’t ALL die so other’s can benefit…organ donor style.  At times we have boats that have restoration potential.  We are currently offering this 1967 Albin Vega as a potential whole boat purchase.  This boat was moved by water to our slip and again for pull out.  We were impressed with the maneuverability and handling of this wheel steering classic.  Our craigslist ad has details and pictures.  The boat doesn’t come with a trailer, however, we do have a trailer that could be sold separately and we could load for easy transport potential.

11/19/15 Update:  This one went quick to a lovely couple in Bothell.  It’s nice when boats find new owners with energy and inspiration to bring them back to health!